Vinyl Record Cleaning Quick Tips

Vinyl Record Cleaning Quick Tips
These quick tips are a great way to start learning how to look after your record collection

No amount of cleaning will repair a damaged record.

Carbon fibre brushes are the best way to remove surface grit before playing. Millions of microscopic hairs get into every groove the built-in handle has a cleaning bar to get rid of the dust from the bristles.

Not all records are clean from new, so clean before use

Record cleaning kits available at your local record store do an excellent job

A worn turntable or stylus in poor shape will damage your record.

Use an Anti-Static Record Cleaning Cloth

Record cleaning fluid. These types of fluids can be effective if applied properly and carefully.

For deepest cleaning, use a vacuum record cleaning machine.

Stylus cleaner, use properly and carefully

Milty Zerostat Gun

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