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At Sleeves-n-More which is part of Gazzsrecods we sell plastic outer and inner vinyl record sleeves.

Are products

Groovys, Biggie’s, Box Set Sleeves polylined inner sleeves.poly inner record sleeves round bottom. as well as this we have 7 inch, 12 inch 450/500 gauge plastic polythene outer record sleeves.

Sleeves-n-more record sleeves can be recycled afther ue.

At Sleeves-n-More there is also these type of poducts  the ifi Hip Dac & the ZEN Audio Signature Dac V2 + Zen Can Set 6XX Headphone Amplifier Kit. Grado headphones SR 60X Prestige and the SR 80X Prestige.

Goldring cartridge E1 and E2.

New release of vinyl records and CD’s

7 inch and 12 inch used records and more.