Picture Disc Record Sleeves


About Our Black Card picture disc record sleeves

Our picture disc record sleeves are of a premium cardboard and will fit your picture disc record and come with a poly-inner sleeve.

Sleeves come with a good size hole so that you can see your picture disc vinyl recorded. The sleeves have a black mat finish and are of a good size.

315 mm x 312 mm x 3 mm, cardboard,

About Our Poly-Inner Sleeves

HDPE POLYETHYLENE sleeves have major advantages over paper inner ones as paper can mark the vinyl. Also open centre holes allow dust to enter.

As for the poly inner itself you need to ensure that its not PVC which is produced with artificial softeners, sleeves which have softeners and can leach onto the vinyl,

HDPE sleeves have no softeners at all and has a melting point of 130c,copes well with high humidity and is stable in most heating conditions.

HDPE have an anti-static additive which prevents the sleeve form sticking to the vinyl.