Vinyl Box Set Outer Record Sleeves


So you bought a new box sets of your favourite group and now you need  some box set record sleeves.

Now we have it at last an Box Set Record Sleeve for your Single and LP box sets.

All our sleeves are made form  450 gauge polythene plastic.

These Box Set Record Sleeves can fit up to about 6 x singles for the 7″ box sets. The LP size sleeve is for 6 x LP’ box set sleeve

The 14″, record sleeves are Clear with one inch thickness and also have a strong Wield.

These 450 gauge sleeves are strong & long lasting, and are made without any softeners or additives that my affect your record sleeves.

All our sleeves are made with acid-free plastic and are made with virgin grade plastic.

These sleeves are the highest grade of plastic you can buy for your record sleeves today.

Acid-free sleeves which you can buy are better for record covers.

Our sleeves will not stick to the outer cover of your box set, and are great for shops, record dealers, collectors and for archiving.

Smooth to the touch and are flexible.

Size is 220 mm x 235 mm for the 7″ type and 14″x 14″ 360 mm x 360 mm for the 12″ type of box set.