Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves

All our outer vinyl record sleeves or vinyl covers are made from virgin high grade plastic polythene.

At the end off use our sleeves can be recycled after use, as cheaper already recycled plastic record sleeves may not.

These vinyl record sleeves will accommodate 7 inch singles, 12 inch double gatefold records and most vinyl triple vinyl records.

All our record sleeves are strong & long lasting, and are acid-free.

As well as this they are made without any softeners, additives that may affect your record sleeves.

As vinyl record sleeves that have softeners will effects your record sleeves over time.

You can trust that our vinyl record sleeves will not stick to your outer cover of your single or ablum record sleeves.

While the inner sleeve is the most important for the actual vinyl record.

you must protect the valuable artwork on the outer cardboard single & album covers with an outer poly sleeve.

If you don’t, you will quickly get scratches and scuff marks or even tears on that beautiful artwork.