Blake Record Outer Sleeves

50 12 inch 500 Gauge Plastic Outer Record Sleeves

Our Blake Record Outer Sleeves are made from high quality polypropylene Crystal clear for maximum transparency and clarity and are thicker then most vinyl record outer sleeves. Of this type.

Our clients include, The BBC(Eastenders Props, and Archive Department), Warner Brother Records, Cherry Red Records, Polydor Records and Sony.

These blake record sleeve are crysel clear and come in packs of 50 and are of a high end quitily. As well as this your records will look great.

These Blake Record Outer Sleeves give you a clear View of the album cover without having to remove the album from the sleeve.

These blake record sleeves will fits an 2 x LP double outer record.

Our 12″ Resealable Record Sleeves and are ideal for swap exchanges, and are great for shops, record dealers, collectors and for archiving.

The adhesive strip is on the bag, so that the LP does not stick to it during handling and also eliminates wear and tear .

Flexable ans stong and have a shiny glossy finsh when fitted.

Foil thickness is 90µm, correspond to 0,09mm that is 360 gauge polyroplene. in contrast to polyethylene outer sleeves. Polypropylene is characterized by high transparency, rigidity and abrasion resistance.

Size is 12 ”for LP, 323 x 323 mm plus 50mm tab.
Can be recycled when you renew your sleeves at the end of use.

While the inner sleeve is the most important for the actual vinyl record. You must protect the valuable artwork on the outer cardboard covers with an outer poly sleeve.