7" Inch 450 Gauge Outer Record Sleeves

As a fellow collector, these 7″ Inch 450 Gauge by Gazzsrecords record sleeves are going to be great for your collection as we use them on a dally basis.

These sleeves can used for archiving and or other uses.

All our sleeves are made form virgin high grade plastic as virgin high grade plastic polythene and can be recycled after use.

As cheaper already recycled plastic record sleeves may not be.

All are 7″ Inch 450 Gauge sleeves are strong & long lasting, acid-free and are made without any softeners or additives

As this may affect your vinyl record sleeves.

As record sleeves that have softeners will effects your record sleeves over time.

These can fit some of your larger record sleeves.
Size is 190mm x 190mm