100 12″ Inch Vinyl Inner Anti-Static Record Sleeves

100 12" Inch Vinyl Inner Anti-Static Record Sleeves


Our Groovy’s are a great way to protect your records from dust.

The inner cover is made of a transparent HDPE film and comes With a rounded bottom for a better fit.

These are anti-static vinyl record sleeves and can fit into your Album record sleeves and a paper sleeve.

All our Groovy’s come with a resealable bag.

The HDPE sleeve as an anti-static additive which prevents the sleeve form sticking to the vinyl.

The Film strength is 40 μm equivalent to 160 gauge which is a good thickness for an inner sleeve.

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Bebifits Of Anti-Static Record Sleeves

All our record sleeves are made from Primany high grade plastic polythene which can be recycled after use, as cheaper recycled plastic record sleeves may not be.

our exspearance shows us that the inner sleeves will accommodate one 12″ Inch record.

All our sleeves are strong & long lasting, acid-free and made without softeners or additives. Record sleeves that have softeners or additives will affect your record 12″ Inch record over time.

You can trust that our sleeves will not stick to your 12″ Inch LP record and are sunlight resistant which protects against scuffs, dirt, moisture and scratches. Polythene sleeves are better at controlling static and are also inert.

Manufactured with the best plasic.

Not the PVC rigid type

Film Strengths:

160 gauge 40 Microns 0.04mil.

Our album Anti-Static Record Sleeves are great for shops, record dealers, collectors as we use them our self, and are archival safe.

For Protection:

These plastic record sleeves is a safe investment for your Albums and are suitable for long term storage.

While the outer sleeve is the most important for the actual vinyl record, you must protect the valuable record with a inner HDPE plasic sleeve. If you don’t, you will quickly get scratches and scuff marks or even tears on that beautiful artwork.

Our clients include, The BBC ( Eastenders Props, and Archive Departments ), Warner Brother Records, Cherry Red Records, Polydor Records, Sony and universities.



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