20 12 inch 500 Gauge Plastic Outer Record Sleeves

20 12 inch 500 Gauge Plastic Outer Record Sleeves


Our Benifits:

Easily to Insert or remove your record albums with a good fit for vinyl record sleeves. Neither to loose or to baggy and can accommodate single, double gatefold and triple albums.

Film strength is 125µm / 5O0 Gauge. Size: 325 x 328 mm

They will hold their shape and provide more than enough protection for your record album covers.

We will always use primany high grade pastic for the vinyl record sleeves.

All are made without any softeners or additives. As record sleeves that have softeners will effects your record sleeves over time.

You can trust that our sleeves will not stick to the your outer cover of your LP Album sleeves like some record sleeves.

Protect From Scratches, Moisture and dirt Storing your records in these album sleeves can help protect them against scratches, dirt, liquids, dust, and scuffs.

As a fellow collector,these 20 12″ Plastic Outer Record Sleeves are going to be great for  record dealers, collectors and archiving.

Recyclabe First Grade Plastic Poythene.


You can trust that our outer sleeves will not stick  too the outer cover of your LP albums.

Every ounce of our experience as users,sellers and collectors of vinyl. We feel that it has produced a good all round sleeve. Which will accommodate single, double and triple gatefold LP’s.

Note: not the fold out type sleeve.

All our sleeves are stong,flexible & long lasting, acid-free and made without any softeners or addives that may affect your album covers.

While the inner sleeve (which we also sell) is the most important for the actual vinyl record. Our outer plastic polythene sleeve will protect against scuffs, dirt, dust, moisture and scratches. As well as that it will protect from even tears on that beauiful artwork.

Item Specifices:

Size is 325mm to the opening x 328mm across.

Flim thickness is 125 microns, corresponding to 500 gauge, 5.00 mil polythene.

The Plastic:

All our 500 gauge Plastic Outer Record Sleeves are made from primany high grade plastic polythene. As well as this our products can be recycled after use, as cheaper alreay recycled plastic polythene may contain PVC type plasic.

Note: Not the PVC rigid or the ultra class-clear type.

Our Clients:

Our clients include, The BBC (eastenders Props and Archive Departments), Warner Brother Records, Cherry Red Records, Poldor Records, Sory Music and Universities.

Polyethylene is flexible,




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